The Advantages and Disadvantages of LaserJet Printer and Inkjet Printer

There are three types of the printer in general. The two of them are Laser Jet Printer and Inkjet Printer. The laser printer is a printer that uses powder ink or toner for the printing process. On the other hand, the inkjet printer uses ink for the printing process. You can choose the printer you want.

The Branded Printer

Recently, there are many branded printers with good qualities offered. Nowadays, the most popular printer in Indonesia market is Epson. Moreover, the printer with a reasonable price called Canon. Then HP is starting to give a new quality to interest consumers. You can choose the printer based on the brand. The popular brands usually have good quality. Thus there are some advantages and disadvantages of a printer.

The Advantages of Laser Jet Printer

  1. The Speed Quality

The laser jet printer has is the fastest in the printing process among the other printers. This printer uses powder ink or toner in the printing process. Then it helped by infrared to make good quality in printing. Generally, the laser jet printer has the best result quality as well.

  1. Printing the Document in Many Media

The other advantages is that laser jet printer can print the document in many media such as art paper, paper plate, photo paper, and sticker label. Although using many media the result is still the same quality. It is long last and not easily faded.

The Disadvantages of Laser Jet Printer

  1. The Price

The laser jet printer is the most expensive printer type among the others. It is not really a disadvantage but it is an important aspect of buying a printer. Nevertheless, the expensive price is equivalent to quality.

  1. The Quality in Photo Printing

Although laser jet printer can print a document in many media but it has not really had good quality in printing a photo. The inkjet printer has better quality in printing a photo.

The Advantages of Inkjet Printer

  1. The Price

Contrary to the laser printer, the inkjet printer has a reasonable price. The quality that you will get also good enough. This printer is suitable for a student who has a low budget and wants to buy a quality printer.

  1. The Result Quality

The inkjet printer has a good quality in the printing result. Though the price is not really expensive but this printer has a good quality especially when you want to print a photo. The photo will have a better quality rather than you print it uses the laser printer.

The Disadvantages of Inkjet Printer

  1. The Size of Cartridge

The cartridge is an inkjet printer is small so you will rapidly run out of ink. It maybe takes time and money more when you change the ink in the cartridge.

  1. The Speed Quality

The inkjet printer is slower than a laser printer when printing a document. The process of squirt the ink to the paper through the cartridge nozzle takes time. Then when the printing is done we have to wait first until the ink is dry so we can touch it.

The laser or inkjet printer has its own quality. It is better to understand the quality of each printer to know what kind of printer you need.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Photo Printer

Nowadays, many people take a fancy on taking a picture and upload it on their social media. The valid and understandable reason is they are the thirst of compliment. As soon as they manage to choose the best picture from the others, they urge to upload it on any social media account they have. It becomes their basic need as time flies.

Reason Why People Need Photo Printer

The trend is changing as the idea of beauty dignified by people change. Looking at the trending picture uploaded on social media, it will be realized that people do not only post their photo on it, but many of them also edit it so it will look unique. Some of them prefer to post the printed photo to beautify their photo. To make their time-efficient, they use photo printer, which does not need a computer to operate it, to print their photo from a digital camera. As the demand for it increases, technology offers them many kinds of photo printer that enable to fulfill their need.

5 Crucial Things Needed to Consider Before Buying Photo Printer

There are 5 things that people need to consider before they go to purchase a photo printer so they will not regret their choice.

  • The specification

Looking at the specification of the photo printer is a must. If the buyer is a professional photographer or someone who always needs this tool, finding the best specification can be done. So they can make sure that they can get a high-quality picture. The specification can be looked from the print technology, the supported paper used, supported file types, paper tray capacity, memory, print speed, environment parameters, dimensions weight, connectivity, and power consumption. However, if the people need it just for fun, finding the standard specification can be done.

  • The feature

Some of the photo printers provide the best feature to lure the buyers. The company implants best editing features that can be executed easily through a large touch screen. People can crop their image, remove red-eye, etc. Some of these enable to scan slides and film negatives. Amazingly, there is also installed the camera on it so people can take a picture and print it on the spot.

  • The trial and error

Making sure the photo printer can work properly is a necessity. People do not want to feel regret because the result of the photo cannot meet their hope. That is why they need to try and check it first so the grief will not happen and the problem between seller and buyer will not appear. It will be a more crucial thing to be done if they buy second-hand photo printer because they will not the minus o it before they try to use it.

  • The budget

No matter how great people’s need, their choice can change because of the budget they have. It will be good to compare the price of photo printer on the internet first before deciding to buy one so, at least, the budget will not ruin their dream photo printer. If their budget cannot meet with their hope, they can find the different product that suits their budget but the quality can be compared with their previous dream photo printer.

  • The after-sales service

The next thing needs to consider is the after-sales service. Surely, people need to prepare for the worst. They need a warranty from the product they have bought. The warranty commonly lasts for 1 year. This after-sales service will help people if there is a problem they might find it later after purchasing this photo printer. The advantage is people will not pay the price for fixing it if they come to the after-sales service on the warranty period.

There are 4 things that are needed to be fulfilled before people buy a photo printer.  They are the specification, the feature, the trial and error, the budget and the after-sales service. Different photo printer has different specification and feature. Finding the review from the trusted source on the internet can be executed so they will get a vision about what kinds of product they want to buy. Now, it is time to go to the store and get a photo printer that can decorate social media.

3 Tips in Choosing a Printer

Are you a student? Are you a worker? Is your job or task need to print a lot of documents? Then you should start to think that you have to buy a printer. Having your own printer will make you easier in doing your job or task. Thus, it is not easy to choose the right printer you need. You have to consider some aspects of choosing the printer. There are some tips in choosing a printer for you.

Types of Printer

Generally, there are three types of printer, there are inkjet, laser, and dot matrix printer. An inkjet printer is a printer that uses ink in a printing process. There are many bands use inkjet printer type. So you have many options in choosing inkjet printer. The second is a laser printer. This printer uses powder ink or called toner in the printing process. Then it is helped by an infrared device. The last is called dot matrix. Dot-matrix printer is a printer that a ribbon in the printing process. The ribbon is used to display the output to the paper. The result can be doubled by carbon. Then you can think first what type of printer you need.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Printer Types

The three types of printer have their own advantages and disadvantages. The first type is the inkjet printer. The advantage of using the inkjet printer is that the result has a good quality, especially when you print a photo using the inkjet printer. Then the disadvantage in using the inkjet printer the cartridge is small so you have to often change the ink. The second is the laser printer. The advantage of using the laser printer is the speed. This printer is the fastest in printing among the other printers.  But, the disadvantage is the price. A laser printer is the most expensive among the three types of printer. The last is the dot matrix printer. The advantages of the dot matrix printer is the price. This printer is the cheapest among the others. Contrary with the laser printer that dot matrix is a lack in the speed. You can use the advantages and disadvantages as a consideration in choosing a printer.

3 Tips in Choosing a Printer

  1. Choose What You Need Not What You Want

There are many options of the branded printer. There are many branded printers such as Canon, Epson, and Fuji Xerox. Branded printers usually have many advantages. You have to search for the advantages of the printer based on what you need. It will help you to know what quality of printer you’re looking for.

  1. The Printing Quality of Printer

When choosing a printer you should know the printing quality of the printer. The printing quality is considered when you will print a photo or other documents. The quality of printing is an important aspect because it will impact the quality of your job or task.

  1. Considering the Price

You don’t have to choose an expensive printer if you are still a student. There are many good printers at a reasonable price for a student. Don’t be easily give your interest in expensive printer with many qualities offered. Choosing the reasonable price of the printer will save your money. You can use it to buy other things.

Considering some aspects of choosing a printer is needed. You have to think carefully before buying a new printer. Good luck.

The Comparison of Canon Printer and HP Printer

Recently, many schools and offices have a printer. Students and workers usually print a lot of their documents. A printer is a really important thing to lighten a job or task for students and workers. Choosing a printer is based on the user needed. In Indonesia, there are many brands of the printer such as Canon printer and HP printer. They are a really popular printer and became the best seller in Indonesia. You can find them almost in every school or office.

The Best Seller Printer in Indonesia

Although there are many branded printer in Indonesia, there are two brands of printer that really popular in Indonesia. Canon and HP have been dominated printer brand in Indonesia. Most of institutes or agencies in Indonesia use the two of the brand.  The two of them are the best seller printer in Indonesia. They both have good quality and not really expensive. Though they have their own special quality to attract people to buy the product.

The Comparison of Canon Printer and HP Printer

There are some branded printers in Indonesia market. As the most popular printer in Indonesia, Canon and HP printer often to be compared. Actually, both of them have almost the same quality. Here some aspects that can be compared about Canon and HP printer.

  1. The Printing Speed

A speedy printer is really important for an office. The worker usually prints a lot of files every day. Then the printing speed should be considered when you buy a printer. The Canon printer has a higher speedy standard than HP. Canon printer has a good quality with the speedy standard in printing. When you want to print a lot of documents and use many papers it is recommended to use Canon rather than HP Printer.

  1. The Cartridge

The durable ink is an important aspect of printing. Canon and HP printer uses ink in the printing process. Both of them is completed with a cartridge. When it comes with the cartridge, HP printer has better quality than Canon printer. The Canon cartridge is more lasting than the HP cartridge. With the same using time, you will change Canon cartridge faster than HP cartridge.

  1. Photo Printing

Most people really like to take a photo. Even some of them will take many photos in time. The photo will be more memorable when you print them out rather than just save it in your camera. Printing a photo uses a special paper. The most important aspect of printing a photo is the quality of the photo printed. The Canon printer has better quality in printing photos. The color and the resolution of the photo is clearer when you print your photo use Canon printer.

  1. The Print Head Site

The print head site is an important thing to know the way to change the cartridge. The print head of Canon printer becomes united with the cartridge. It makes the process of changing the cartridge is more difficult and it takes more time. Contrary, the HP print head is separated with the cartridge so that it helps the user easier to change the cartridge. This aspect also helps the service center to repair your printer when your printer has a problem.

  1. The Ink Price

Buying the new ink is second pricy after buying the printer itself. The ink price is different from one brand printer with another brand printer. It may be because of the quality or the volume of the ink. Since Canon and HP printer use ink, the price of ink is an important thing to be considered. You will often change the ink when it finishes. The ink price of HP printer is relatively cheaper than the Canon printer. So that it is recommended to use an HP printer.

HP Laser Jet Pro M12w Driver as the Most Favourite Printer

The printer is not only used by businessmen, but it also used by students, teachers, employer, employee, entrepreneurs. Overall, it is used by almost people in the world. The demand for a printer made the technology improve rapidly. The function of the printer has been developing. Many years ago, the printer is only known to print paper from document and photo. As time flies, the printer can scan the hard file into a soft file so people no longer need to take a picture of the hard file and send it to the computer. There are many companies try to impress the customer by upgrading their product. HP is one of the famous companies that prosperously create advance printer; one of them is HP LaserJet Pro M12w Driver.

What is HP Laser Jet Pro M12w Driver?

You can guess and picture it what kinds of printer it is. This product is claimed to be a professional model because it uses laser print technology and manual duplex feature installed in it. You might still wonder what Laser Jet is. Laser Jet is the first desktop laser printer produced by Hewlett Packard or people often shorten it into HP. HP declares that this printer can deliver better high print quality.

What are HP Laser Jet Pro M12w Driver’s Specifications?

Before knowing further advantages about this printer, let’s find the specifications of HP LaserJet Pro M12w Driver. This product can hold 150 sheets of plain paper. You can print the letter, legal, A4, A5, B5, B6, postcards and envelopes. It also has an energy-saving feature, they are HP Auto-on and Auto-off Technology. The power supply is 115-127 volts. Print resolution is 1200×600 DPI. Its memory storage is 8 MB. It utilizes the Printer Command Language. The features that can be found are efficient printing, outstanding, well-connected printing. The warranty lasts up to 1 year.

Why You Should Buy HP Laser Jet Pro M12w Driver

  • Advance technology

This printer uses dry toner instead of using wet ink as a printer cartridge. The reason behind it is because it contains powder so that is why it will not stain like an ink cartridge. It also uses a laser technique. This type of printer is best suited for business and school that often produce high volume printing. Moreover, the toner cartridge is cheaper than ink so it can save your money. Printing the great amount and saving money at the same time are superb. There is also a monochrome laser printer for those who want to print in black. It can be used to print, scan, copy, and fax.

  • Small Size

The width of HP Laser Jet Pro M12w Driver is 13.7 inches, the depth is 16.2 inches, the height is 9.0 inches and the weight is 11.4 lbs. This printer is super light because its weight is only 5.2 kg. You will not feel backache and tired after lifting and taking this printer everywhere. This is a small multifunction printer you have to purchase.

  • Ability to reduce noise

As many reviewers have said, this printer has the ability to reduce noise. When you use it to print your documents or photos, there is no sound you can hear. Now, you will not be worried to print any material in the middle of the night because you are afraid of its noise. This printer has been proven silent all the time and print in quick time. It is absolutely desired by busy people who do not want to disturb others.

  • Trusted

Although HP’s company is built 4 years ago yet the fame of HP is undoubted. Their customers believe in HP because HP is a trusted company. All driver and software installed in it are proved. All of them uses high-quality materials. HP also ensures that they have a clean site from viruses or malware. Besides, there is 1-year warranty that will guarantee their customers.

There are 4 reasons why you should choose the HP LaserJet Pro M12w Driver as your favorite printer. The reasons are because it has advanced technology, small size, ability to reduce noise, and it is trusted. Now, are you ready to buy this great printer from HP? Remember to read the manual before using it so you can run the printer well.

6 Reasons to Buy Portable Printer

It cannot be denied by businessmen that the existence of a printer is needed to create any documents they have made into a physical one. Unfortunately, there is a problem when they use the traditional printer office. The problem can be they have no time to go to the printing store or wait in line or they cannot bring it due to its big and heavy size.

How to Solve the Traditional Printer Office’s Problem

Thank to the development of technology, the portable printer offers you several advantages to solve your problem. Let’s dig in why you should buy a portable printer right now.

6 Valid Reasons to Buy Portable Printer

  • Flexible

This portable printer is a super crucial device for you especially businessmen who work from multiple devices and in multiple locations. You do not need to bring heavy printer whenever you go in case you want to print any important and urgent document or find one place to print it out. This portable printer is small so you can take it anywhere.

  • Enhancing productivity

Keep in mind you can print your documents or photos everywhere. It means you can use your precious time to do a different kind of job. Remember that any minute in your life is matter, do not make it go to waste by doing any unnecessary thing such as finding printing store or waiting in line to print them. This portable printer is an extremely helpful thing to enhance your productivity.

  • Efficient

No need to worry about the waiting time you have spent to print. No need to doubt its printing speed. Fortunately, it can print in a minute. It is built on wireless mode so that you can depend on the battery that can be on standby for hours to ensure you that your work will be done quickly.

  • Accessible

Most of the businessmen rely on smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You might find it difficult to print your documents and photos out then. Luckily, this device enables you to directly connect it with your phone, tablet, or laptop and print your documents and photos from them. Shortly, it grants you access to print your material inside and outside of the office.

  • Convenience

This portable printer is wireless so you do not need to bring, buy or refill the ink or toner. You will not feel chaotic if you know that you have to print your material in a hurry in the middle of your days-off. Now, you can be soothed and untroubled because you can go traveling and print the material needed at the same time. It really gives you the convenience you will never get from another printer.

  • Multifunction

You do not need question its function. It is clearly explained that it can be used to print material everywhere. Surprisingly, this portable printer enables you to scan your hard-file. It is absolutely malfunction tool, right?

There are 6 reasons why you have to purchase a printer right now. It is flexible, enhancing productivity, efficient, accessible, and multifunction. That is why people call this device as technology-driven business environments because you can print anything you need everywhere you are.