The Advantages and Disadvantages of LaserJet Printer and Inkjet Printer

There are three types of the printer in general. The two of them are Laser Jet Printer and Inkjet Printer. The laser printer is a printer that uses powder ink or toner for the printing process. On the other hand, the inkjet printer uses ink for the printing process. You can choose the printer you want.

The Branded Printer

Recently, there are many branded printers with good qualities offered. Nowadays, the most popular printer in Indonesia market is Epson. Moreover, the printer with a reasonable price called Canon. Then HP is starting to give a new quality to interest consumers. You can choose the printer based on the brand. The popular brands usually have good quality. Thus there are some advantages and disadvantages of a printer.

The Advantages of Laser Jet Printer

  1. The Speed Quality

The laser jet printer has is the fastest in the printing process among the other printers. This printer uses powder ink or toner in the printing process. Then it helped by infrared to make good quality in printing. Generally, the laser jet printer has the best result quality as well.

  1. Printing the Document in Many Media

The other advantages is that laser jet printer can print the document in many media such as art paper, paper plate, photo paper, and sticker label. Although using many media the result is still the same quality. It is long last and not easily faded.

The Disadvantages of Laser Jet Printer

  1. The Price

The laser jet printer is the most expensive printer type among the others. It is not really a disadvantage but it is an important aspect of buying a printer. Nevertheless, the expensive price is equivalent to quality.

  1. The Quality in Photo Printing

Although laser jet printer can print a document in many media but it has not really had good quality in printing a photo. The inkjet printer has better quality in printing a photo.

The Advantages of Inkjet Printer

  1. The Price

Contrary to the laser printer, the inkjet printer has a reasonable price. The quality that you will get also good enough. This printer is suitable for a student who has a low budget and wants to buy a quality printer.

  1. The Result Quality

The inkjet printer has a good quality in the printing result. Though the price is not really expensive but this printer has a good quality especially when you want to print a photo. The photo will have a better quality rather than you print it uses the laser printer.

The Disadvantages of Inkjet Printer

  1. The Size of Cartridge

The cartridge is an inkjet printer is small so you will rapidly run out of ink. It maybe takes time and money more when you change the ink in the cartridge.

  1. The Speed Quality

The inkjet printer is slower than a laser printer when printing a document. The process of squirt the ink to the paper through the cartridge nozzle takes time. Then when the printing is done we have to wait first until the ink is dry so we can touch it.

The laser or inkjet printer has its own quality. It is better to understand the quality of each printer to know what kind of printer you need.