3 Tips in Choosing a Printer

Are you a student? Are you a worker? Is your job or task need to print a lot of documents? Then you should start to think that you have to buy a printer. Having your own printer will make you easier in doing your job or task. Thus, it is not easy to choose the right printer you need. You have to consider some aspects of choosing the printer. There are some tips in choosing a printer for you.

Types of Printer

Generally, there are three types of printer, there are inkjet, laser, and dot matrix printer. An inkjet printer is a printer that uses ink in a printing process. There are many bands use inkjet printer type. So you have many options in choosing inkjet printer. The second is a laser printer. This printer uses powder ink or called toner in the printing process. Then it is helped by an infrared device. The last is called dot matrix. Dot-matrix printer is a printer that a ribbon in the printing process. The ribbon is used to display the output to the paper. The result can be doubled by carbon. Then you can think first what type of printer you need.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Printer Types

The three types of printer have their own advantages and disadvantages. The first type is the inkjet printer. The advantage of using the inkjet printer is that the result has a good quality, especially when you print a photo using the inkjet printer. Then the disadvantage in using the inkjet printer the cartridge is small so you have to often change the ink. The second is the laser printer. The advantage of using the laser printer is the speed. This printer is the fastest in printing among the other printers.  But, the disadvantage is the price. A laser printer is the most expensive among the three types of printer. The last is the dot matrix printer. The advantages of the dot matrix printer is the price. This printer is the cheapest among the others. Contrary with the laser printer that dot matrix is a lack in the speed. You can use the advantages and disadvantages as a consideration in choosing a printer.

3 Tips in Choosing a Printer

  1. Choose What You Need Not What You Want

There are many options of the branded printer. There are many branded printers such as Canon, Epson, and Fuji Xerox. Branded printers usually have many advantages. You have to search for the advantages of the printer based on what you need. It will help you to know what quality of printer you’re looking for.

  1. The Printing Quality of Printer

When choosing a printer you should know the printing quality of the printer. The printing quality is considered when you will print a photo or other documents. The quality of printing is an important aspect because it will impact the quality of your job or task.

  1. Considering the Price

You don’t have to choose an expensive printer if you are still a student. There are many good printers at a reasonable price for a student. Don’t be easily give your interest in expensive printer with many qualities offered. Choosing the reasonable price of the printer will save your money. You can use it to buy other things.

Considering some aspects of choosing a printer is needed. You have to think carefully before buying a new printer. Good luck.

The Comparison of Canon Printer and HP Printer

Recently, many schools and offices have a printer. Students and workers usually print a lot of their documents. A printer is a really important thing to lighten a job or task for students and workers. Choosing a printer is based on the user needed. In Indonesia, there are many brands of the printer such as Canon printer and HP printer. They are a really popular printer and became the best seller in Indonesia. You can find them almost in every school or office.

The Best Seller Printer in Indonesia

Although there are many branded printer in Indonesia, there are two brands of printer that really popular in Indonesia. Canon and HP have been dominated printer brand in Indonesia. Most of institutes or agencies in Indonesia use the two of the brand.  The two of them are the best seller printer in Indonesia. They both have good quality and not really expensive. Though they have their own special quality to attract people to buy the product.

The Comparison of Canon Printer and HP Printer

There are some branded printers in Indonesia market. As the most popular printer in Indonesia, Canon and HP printer often to be compared. Actually, both of them have almost the same quality. Here some aspects that can be compared about Canon and HP printer.

  1. The Printing Speed

A speedy printer is really important for an office. The worker usually prints a lot of files every day. Then the printing speed should be considered when you buy a printer. The Canon printer has a higher speedy standard than HP. Canon printer has a good quality with the speedy standard in printing. When you want to print a lot of documents and use many papers it is recommended to use Canon rather than HP Printer.

  1. The Cartridge

The durable ink is an important aspect of printing. Canon and HP printer uses ink in the printing process. Both of them is completed with a cartridge. When it comes with the cartridge, HP printer has better quality than Canon printer. The Canon cartridge is more lasting than the HP cartridge. With the same using time, you will change Canon cartridge faster than HP cartridge.

  1. Photo Printing

Most people really like to take a photo. Even some of them will take many photos in time. The photo will be more memorable when you print them out rather than just save it in your camera. Printing a photo uses a special paper. The most important aspect of printing a photo is the quality of the photo printed. The Canon printer has better quality in printing photos. The color and the resolution of the photo is clearer when you print your photo use Canon printer.

  1. The Print Head Site

The print head site is an important thing to know the way to change the cartridge. The print head of Canon printer becomes united with the cartridge. It makes the process of changing the cartridge is more difficult and it takes more time. Contrary, the HP print head is separated with the cartridge so that it helps the user easier to change the cartridge. This aspect also helps the service center to repair your printer when your printer has a problem.

  1. The Ink Price

Buying the new ink is second pricy after buying the printer itself. The ink price is different from one brand printer with another brand printer. It may be because of the quality or the volume of the ink. Since Canon and HP printer use ink, the price of ink is an important thing to be considered. You will often change the ink when it finishes. The ink price of HP printer is relatively cheaper than the Canon printer. So that it is recommended to use an HP printer.